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What is the Audit service from Televerse about?
Televerse undertakes detailed audit exercises with actionable recommendations as per audit types below:
  • CS Core Audit

  • PS Core Audit

  • IMS Audit

  • RAN Audit

  • Transport Audit


What is the scope covered?
  • Network Configurations and Consistency Checks

  • Network Element Health Assessment

  • KPI Performance Assessment

  • Capacity Assessment

  • IN/Charging and Policy Control Assessment

  • Network Design and Topology Assessment


What are the requirements?
  • Node/OSS/PM Access

  • Current Solution Description/High Level Design/Low Level Design Documents

  • Topology Diagrams

  • Formulae Alignment


The process of the audit.
Work Desk
Kindly contact if you are interested in our audit and assurance services.

As a nichified campaign, our ownership has been to simplify the mobile network at the fingertips of learners and engineers. 

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