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Intelligent Network Intermediary Course (INIC) Description

INIC covers the intermediary level knowledge of Intelligent Network in the Mobile Network and it is made up of three main modules: System Architecture, Interfaces & Protocols and Traffic Cases.

The Intelligent Network is that part of the mobile telecom network which handles Value Added Services such as promotions, tele-voting, call transfer, etc.

List of Modules

1.1.   Module 1 – IN Architecture

  • 1.1.1.Introduction to IN

  • 1.1.2.Why IN?

  • 1.1.3.History and Evolution of the IN

  • 1.1.4.IN Conceptual Model

  • How Intelligence is Provided and Distributed in the Network

  • Correlating Distributed Functional Plane and Physical Plane

  • 1.1.5.Basic Call State Model (BCSM)

  • 1.1.6.IN Architecture and Design

1.2.   Module 2 – Interfaces & Protocols

  • 1.2.1.Protocols and Interfaces

1.3.   Module 3 – Traffic Cases

  • 1.3.1.Call Flows and General IN Traffic Scenarios

  • 1.3.2.Other Services Supported by the IN

  • 1.3.3.Vendor Specific IN and Traffic Scenarios

  • Case Study: Huawei OCS

  • HUAWEI OCS Physical Architecture

  • Process of Charging Calling Party between Two OCS Subscribers

  • 1.3.4.Conclusion

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