Transmission Network Intermediary Course (TNIC) Description

TNIC covers the Transmission Network of the Mobile Network and it is made up of two main modules: Transmission Architecture and Concepts & Principles.

Transmission network is that part of the transport network which is responsible for the transfer of lower-level (up to Layer 2) traffic using guided and unguided media.

List of Modules

1.1.   Module 1 – Transmission Architecture

  • 1.1.1.Introduction to Transmission/Transport

  • Microwave Advantages

  • Microwave Manufacturers

  • Fiber Advantages

  • Fiber Manufacturers

  • Summary of Wireless vs Wired

  • 1.1.2.Network Architecture

  • Spur Architecture

  • Star Architecture

  • Loop/Ring Architecture

  • Mesh Architecture

  • Typical Network Architecture

  • MW Network Routes and Capacities

  • Basic Transmission Set-up

1.2.   Module 2 – Transmission Concepts and Principles

  • 1.2.1.PDH

  • 1.2.2.SDH/SONET

  • 1.2.3.MW Communication

  • Point to Point

  • Radio Terminal

  • One Radio Hop

  • 1.2.4.Fiber Optic Principle

  • Principle of Total Internal Reflection

  • The Optical Fiber

  • Light Propagation in Fiber

  • Index of Refraction in Different Materials

  • Dual Nature of Light

  • Relation Between Λ And Refractive Index

  • Electromagnetic Spectrum

  • Optical Spectrum

  • Window Concept in OFC Spectrum

  • Current Trends

  • Latest Trends

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