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What is televersity?

At Televersity, we were constantly opposed with the question of, what future lies ahead of students studying engineering at an undergraduate level? And what is the possibility of they being employed after school?

Unfortunately, there's little commitment to reshaping solid basic skills to fit a specific job description for new entrants in the telecom industry.

Which leaves us with the question, how can we increase the chances of engineers - both undergraduate and senior engineers - to be hired in such a competitive industry as telecoms?

The answer is improved skills and where best to acquire such skills? Televersity! As one cannot predict the exact skill required to be hired as a telecoms engineer, it is of grave importance that electronic/electrical/telecom/computer science/engineering students, graduates, interns, NSPs, Corpers, telecom enthusiasts and telecom professionals aim to stay ahead of their peers with the knowledge that is prerequisite for the telecommunications industry.

Join us today and change your story! Subscribe to our courses which are either online Instructor-Led Training (ILT) or Web-Based Learning (WBL) and stay ahead of the competition!

Instructor-Led Training

In the learning process, nothing can truly replace the interactive experience with a live instructor. Our Instructor-Led training (ILT) enables us to provide personalized and hands-on learning directly to students.

Simulated lab sessions are part of the training schedule!

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Terms and conditions apply.

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Web-Based Training

With a WBL course, a student can take the training anywhere at any time, provided he has Internet access. A learner can also learn at his own pace and convenience of time within a training timeframe. With this learning model, individuals can also get in touch with colleagues and experts from different world geographic locations.

WBL is still under construction.


Terms and conditions apply.

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*Full mark is 10.


Mobile Network Intermediary Course (MNIC) Module 1


Mobile Network Intermediary Course (MNIC) Module 2


Mobile Network Intermediary Course (MNIC) Module 3


Mobile Network Intermediary Course (MNIC) Module 4


Mobile Network Intermediary Course (MNIC) Overall

Will the participants be tested?

Yes, after the Intermediary Level (IL) Courses are completed, the participants would be testing and certified with a CA (Certified Associate) certificate based on passing the test and also on participation. Please see the corresponding certifications to the courses in the table below.

Please note the cost of the testing and certification is already paid for when you order the training and would be carried out on a specialized platform which is shared individually with participant.

Work Desk
Kindly contact if you are interested in joining televersity.
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