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What to do next after audit process?

Based on results of the audit performed, we move on to the next stage of implementing the actionable recommendations and monitoring KPIs to see the improvements for all domains in the mobile network.

Domains are

  •  Circuit Switched Network (CSN)

  •  Packet Core Network (PCN)

  •  IP Multimedia System (IMS)

  •  Intelligent Network (IN)

  •  Radio Access Network (RAN)

  •  RF Network

  •  Transport


What are the key areas of optimizations?

Below are the key areas of optimizations:

  •     MNO Benchmarking

  •     Drive-testing

  •     Physical Optimization

  •     Parameter Retuning

  •     Timer Augmentation

  •     Feature Activation

  •     Customization 

Work Desk
Kindly contact if you are interested in optimizing your network.

As a nichified campaign, our ownership has been to simplify the mobile network at the fingertips of learners and engineers. 

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